Special Rebate Program For US Military and Veterans

Veterans and Military families have one of the highest homeownership rates in the country. While the most recent national average is 63%, homeownership among veterans is 82%. The first step of homeownership is finding the right team to work with who understand the unique opportunities, programs, and challenges military home buyers have.

The team at Melecia Johnson Real Estate appreciates the tremendous sacrifices our Military Personnel and their families make for our country, and they want to repay them in some small way with their Military Rebate Program.

Understanding the unique needs of our military personnel is one of the ways our team provides special service to these buyers. Not only do we take the time to know about special financing options, such as the VA loans, but we offer 25% of our commission as a rebate to help with the costs of buying a home. We work with you to make home ownership as affordable as possible.

How It Works

All of our active duty military, retirees, and veterans who are buying or selling real estate in Florida are eligible for this Rebate Program. At the close of escrow, 25% of our commission will be returned to the client in the form of a rebate. This can be used as a credit in escrow for closing costs or a check after the close to help with moving expenses, new carpet or a weekend away. That’s up to you.

How Much Is The Rebate?

The actual amount of the rebate will vary for each transaction. It’s based on the commission we receive. Federal Law prevents us from discussing specific commissions, for example if commission for a listing is 6%. This is normally split between the buyer’s agent and seller’s agent. So each side has a 3% commission. You would be entitled to 25% of your side of the transaction.*

*Ex: if you were the buyer on a property which sold for $400,000. A 3% commission would be $12,000, and you would receive 25% of that….$3000.

Our Military and their families are special citizens. They are willing to sacrifice everything to serve us; they give up family time, income opportunities and their very lives for our country. While we can’t compensate for all the ways you give to us, we want to honor your service by our Special Military Rebate Program. This is just one of the ways Melecia Johnson Real Estate strives to provide our military personnel and their families the very best representation in the industry.